Wedding Styles

A Candid Album

includes coverage of the Wedding and Reception as well as the Bridal sitting. Candid photographs will form the  basis for the Album.

The Custom Album

package includes additional posed photographs to be taken at the Wedding and Reception with the use, as  and if needed, of backgrounds carried to location by the photographer or assistant. Assistants may be used to aid  the photographer do the wedding.

Love Story Weddings

require several months of photography with the bride and groom in various seasons of the year. Old photographs  of the couple growing up as infants, young children, teenagers etc. are also needed in ample time to produce slides  for a presentation at the wedding reception. The minimum cost of this service is $2,500.00 and the cost will be  determined by sessions, slide quantity, and basic album package.

Deluxe Custom Portrait Album

An additional option is that of a Custom Portrait Album. I will create this Futura Album consisting of approximately  one hundred (100) images of your wedding and reception in an assortment of 8x10, 5x7, and 4x5 sizes. Family portraits  will be taken before or after the wedding ceremony. Also you will receive two (2) framed 11x14's for your parents  and a framed 16x20 for yourself. All previews will be included in the package. Cost of this package is $3,500.00

There is a 25 cent mileage charge over 25 miles, a $40.00 per hour charge for over 6 hours on a candid wedding  and $60.00 per hour on a custom wedding


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